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We are PANTHÈRE's official digital sales channel! Only here will you have complete access to all releases and classics, 100% legitimate products made with the best raw materials in the world.


Once you complete your order, we will send you an email confirming your data and the products in your order. It is important to note that this still does not mean that your application has been approved! Your order will still undergo an analysis to assess the possibility of a problem.


If everything is right, we will start the preparations for shipping your product! We will send your order to the delivery address you selected, so be extra careful when entering your personal and delivery details.


Visit our website routinely for new PANTHÈRE releases.


Our products have a warranty consisting of 6 (six) months for materials such as leather and fabrics, and 3 (three) months for hardware and manufacturing defects.


In the event of a defect with your PANTHÈRE product purchased here, please contact our Customer Service Center. Record by photos and videos, describing what happened and send it to us for evaluation. We will then return with the analysis carried out and define the next steps.


For an item to be eligible for warranty coverage, the requirements are:


  1. That the Warranty Term is duly completed;

  2. That the defect was not caused by misuse or non-compliance with the guidelines available in the "PANTHÈRE Warranty Term";

  3. That the product is covered by the warranty period.


If you wish to cancel your order after completion and payment, please contact us immediately by accessing the Service menu on the side. Our team will guide you on what steps need to be followed to confirm the cancellation and finalize your service

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